Non-traditional services


Ms. Gunther’s spiritual journey led her to become interested in astrology after having her birth chart interpreted by a Professional Astrologer in 1982.  As his forecast for that entire year accurately unfolded, she was determined to learn more about this fascinating subject.  She studied with some well-known, respected astrologers for over 3 years and soon realized how valuable this information could be in her counseling work with clients.  In 1987, she become accredited through the American Federation of Astrologers as a Professional Astrologer.  It is important to her that astrologers be credentialed in order to gain professional recognition and to ensure that clients receive quality services.

For those who are open to astrology, she believes that it can be a wonderful tool for helping clients learn more about themselves, their relationships, and life patterns.  If a non-traditional counseling approach is preferred, she can include astrology as a tool in the therapeutic process and simply needs your birth date, place of birth, and exact birth time.  She can also provide astrology readings to clients who are not seeking counseling.  Some services offered include personality profiles, relationship charts, annual forecasts, and relocation charts.  Consultations are also available for astrological guidance in timing events, decision making, and life planning.  Here is a detailed list of those services and fees:  Astrological Services