“Christy Gunther is a supportive, sympathetic counselor; her professional knowledge and guidance have enabled me to transform my life.  By combining psychology and astrology, she gains a unique insight into strengths and difficulties.  She has always provided encouragement and practical advice for dealing with problems or achieving personal goals.  Meeting Christy has been one of my most fortunate experiences.”  B.R.

“I have been a client with Christy  for several years. She is a kind and compassionate person and provides a positive environment to process my problems in.  She listens, is insightful, and has years of experience to offer her clients.  I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking counseling services.”  D.W.

“I have been receiving astrological counseling and advice from Christy for the last several years.  I always look forward to our sessions as she provides me a solid sounding board for my personal concerns in a nonjudgmental, peaceful environment, within the background of astrological interpretation.  I am able to comfortably bring up all concerns and discuss them in depth.  I have found Christy to be an invaluable source of information and support.  I always leave our sessions feeling like I have accomplished something and I am moving forward in my quest for personal fulfillment.  The best counselor I have encountered in 20 years.”  G.V.  Greensboro, NC

“I have been a client of Christy Gunther’s for about 10 years.  I presented with a serious personal problem that consumed my life.  Christy was compassionate and supportive while I worked myself through this painful episode.  I stayed with her after resolution of this problem as I enjoyed having this ready support available for life’s challenges.  I can always count on Christy’s support and guidance when needed, and just good companionship from a wise friend during problem free times.  Astrology is a supportive tool during some sessions, but the real help is Christy’s concrete knowledge and compassion which is ready shared with her clients.”  J.P.

“Christy has always been accurate and provided great detail in all 15 years of my forecasts.”  C.F.  Myrtle Beach, SC